Our Mission

Mikvah UK is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the observance of Mikvah (Taharat Hamishpacha), preserving family sanctity, and ensuring Jewish continuity.

Our aim is to allow one to explore the many facets of Mikvah and other areas of Jewish life from the comfort and privacy of one’s home. We aim to achieve this across our social media platforms, and encourage ladies to engage in our content and reach out however and whenever they feel comfortable to do so.

We offer tailor-made talks and discussion groups for women to share with their social network in their homes, in an intimate setting led by a trained speaker.

Mikvah observance is currently seen by some as a once-only commitment required for an Orthodox marriage ceremony. Moreover, there are still many couples in the wider Jewish community who are completely unaware of the beauty and relevance of this religious requirement.

We strive to inspire, educate and bring Mikvah to the forefront of Jewish consciousness; to build it in as an integral part of Jewish life for married women of all ages, in line with other vital areas of Jewish observance such as keeping kosher and Shabbat.

With marriages failing daily, the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha can help a couple to find fulfillment within a sanctified relationship that is caring, romantic, and strong enough to last a lifetime.


We take our guidance from a team of experts, headed by Dayan LY Raskin of London Lubavitch.