“The mikvah for me is a place like no other.

I often find myself running to the mikvah from an engagement party or other event, but once I am there it is a place of total tranquility. It is a place where I can fully take the time without any distractions to reflect upon myself and my marriage, the good times and the times that could be improved.

Sometimes we find it difficult to connect to G-d and often praying just becomes a mundane routine, but when I immerse in the mikvah I feel such a sense of closeness to G-d and take this as an opportunity to pray for all my heart’s desires.

When I leave the mikvah I feel a sense of renewal, I have THE opportunity for a new beginning. The love and connection when I reunite with my husband is worth the wait and reinforces our marriage every month. These laws are by no means the easiest but we can’t deny the purpose to them, to connect you to G-d, your husband and yourself.”